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The yield of performance financial products has been declining, hitting a 10-year low...

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The yield of wealth management products has been declining and hitting a 10-year low. It is a good business to buy bank stocks and be shareholders for ten years.
From the performance report of the 18 banks that have been released, the net profit is slightly higher than the same period last year. The growth was significantly better than the three quarterly reports.

Net profit------Operation-----Industry-----Income-----Into===Net-------Profit----- -----Run
Bank=Revenue per share=Operating==Last year==Year-on-year=Quarter-to-quarter ratio=Net profit==Last year===Year-on-year=Quarter to quarter=Net per share=Net assets
Abbreviation- Benefit (yuan)=income==over the same period==growth%=growth(%)==100 million yuan===over the same period===growth%=growth(%)=asset yuan=yield%
China Merchants 3.79=2905 100 million==2697 billion==7.71=-5.47==97.34 billion=92.87 billion 4.819 -22.66===25.36==15.73
Xingye 3.08=203.1 billion==1813 billion 12.04=-0.80==666.3 billion=658.7 Billion 1.151 -23.51===25.5===12.62

Pudong Development 1.88=1964 billion==1907 billion==2.98-66.30==58.33 billion=58.91 billion -0.995 -68.37===18====10.81
CITIC 0.94=1947 billion==1876 billion=3.81=-3.40==48.98 billion=48.02 billion 2.010==6.02====9.6===10.11
Everbright 0.68=14.2 billion==1328 billion=7.32==2.90==378.2 billion=37.35 billion 1.258 -26.89====6.45==10.71
Shanghai 1.40==507.5 billion=498.0==1.90==8.96==208.9 billion=203.0 billion 2.892=48.78===12====12.09
Jiangsu 1.21==52.03 billion=449.7=15.68=16.30==15.07 billion=14.62 billion 3.058 -18.38====9.35==11.91
Changsha 1.56==18.01 billion=170.2==5.83=14.39===5.34 billion==5.08 billion 5.081 -20.76===11.21==14.57
Qingnong 0.53===9.572 billion=87.3==9.66=23.96===29.6 billion==2.83 billion 4779 -50.80====4.83==11.58
Xi’an 0.62===7.138 billion=68.5==4.28=11.53===27.6 billion==26.8 billion 3.028=18.95====5.75==11.24
Qingdao 0.42==10.54 billion==96.16=9.61=-9.15===23.9 billion==22.9 billion 4782 -19.05====4.97===8.56
Xiamen 0.75===5.526 billion=45.1=22.55=73.94===18.2 billion==17.1 billion 6546=87.39====6.97==11.23
Changshu 0.66===65.82 billion=64.45=2.13==1.56===18.0 billion==17.9 billion 1.008 -22.80====6.54==10.35

Wuxi 0.71===3.896 billion 35.4=10.06=13.02===13.1 billion==12.5 billion 4.960=-4.71====7.57==10.87
Zijin 0.39===44.77 billion 46.75-4.24=-6.15===14.4 billion==14.2 billion 1.764 -34.06====4.05==10.15
Jiangyin 0.49===3.323 billion 34.0 -2.38=-3.19===10.6 billion==10.1 billion 4.344=69.86====5.59===8.85
Zhangjiagang 0.55=4.178 billion 38.5=8.44==9.90===10.0 billion===9.5 billion 4.927 -15.11====6.21===9.14
Sunong 0.53===3.692 billion 35.2=4.85==1.39====960 million===910 million 47705 -74.92====6.69===8.07

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