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Strategy Essence Nujinniu Strategy Ranking Principles and Methods of Use[Nujinniu Strategy]: ( is based on artificial intelligence...

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Principles and methods of using Nujinniu's list
[]: (nujin. com) Based on artificial intelligence big data methods, deep learning of various market effective factors, thereby automatically producing a large number of effective quantitative investment strategies.
[Comprehensive score]The method of scoring Nujinniu Ce, the principle of which is to give priority to the α rate of return (outperforming stocks ), and then comprehensively consider other risk indicators.
The comprehensive scoring standards are as follows:
Full score: 100 points
α Yield: full score 55 points
The following risk indicators, each out of 5 points
α return drawdown ratio/ideal position/winning rate/Sharp ratio/profit/loss ratio/trading frequency/average capital utilization rate/risk rate/slippage sensitivity
[Principle of Nujinniu Ce List]: Nujin Niu Ce’s ranking list uses various risk indicators to perform[comprehensive scoring]on Nujin Niu Ce, and then follow the high score to the low Sort by points.
[How to use]:
  • Computer version visit:

(1) Visit the website (nujin pinyin)
(2) Click to select any section, such as the first one:

2. Mobile version visit:
(1) Follow Nujin Technology Public number:
(2) Nujin Technology Public Account-->Niuqu Niu Ce-->Niu Ce Bang

(3) Click to select any section, such as the first one:

3. Used by Nu Jinniu Ce
(1) Strategy details: You can view the statistics of all historical risk indicators of the strategy


(2) Switch market: you can view the K-line market and real-time market of individual stocks

(3) Copy the promotion link: You can copy the promotion subscription object pushed to you, earn strategic promotion fees, and the highest commission is up to 90%!
(4) Subscribe to pre-market trading signals: Click to pay a certain subscription fee (some free, VIP members use You can pay by points), you can view the historical transaction records of the strategy and the latest pre-market trading signals-if there is the latest trading signal, it will be sent to you on the Nujin Technology public account before the market opens:

(5) After subscribing: the *** number of the order statistics will disappear. You can also check it on the Nujin Technology Official Account-->My Strategy. Please follow Nujin Technology Official Account prompt, bind account:

Disclaimer: The content of this article is for research reference only and does not constitute any investment advice!

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