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The essence of strategy Nujinniuce diagnosis unit principle and use method[nujinniuce]: ( is based on artificial intelligence...

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Nujinniuce diagnosis unit principle and usage method
[nujinniuce]: ( based on artificial intelligence big data method , Deep learning of various market effective factors, so as to obtain a large number of effective quantitative investment strategies.

[Principle of Nujinniuce Diagnosis of Stocks]: Taking Nujinniuce as an independent stock trading expert, statistics the holdings of the same stock type and different Nujinniuce to obtain the long-short ratio value:
a. Long position is greater than short position (long position>60%): overall look long, buy, continue to hold or increase position;
b Long and short positions are equal (long<60%且>40%): shock trend, sell high and buy low;
b. Shorts are greater than longs (longs<40% ): Overall bearish, short positions are waiting for bottom hunters.

[How to use]:

Method 1. Enter through Nujinniu Hot Search:

Computer version: Search for a certain stock, for example: BYD
下载 (1).png

Scan the QR code and follow to see the results of this stock.

Method 2: Follow the following official account (long press to identify the QR code):


Nujin Technology Public Number-->Niu Stock Niu Ce-->Niu Hot Search: Search for stocks or click on the stocks in the stock rankings to view the diagnosis stocks Result:

下载 (3).png
Method 3: From ( --> Stock Bull Strategy List, or Fund Bull Strategy List, or Index Bull Strategy List

PC version:
下载 (4).png

Mobile version:
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Disclaimer: The content of this article is for research reference only and does not constitute any investment advice!

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