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Recruit professional search engine partners (partnership group)

Viewed 2467 times2018-9-6 18:43 | 寻找合伙人

The key point of Internet profitability in the 21st century is traffic, and the core competitiveness of traffic is professional search engines.Nujin Technology (official website: is willing to provide professional search engines for the following people (teams), and we will show your capabilities on the platform we build for you to achieve a win-win situation;Fusion-style partnership entrepreneurship realizes the dream of financial freedom.If you have a proactive spirit, please read the company profile and carefully browse the official website products before contacting us. Automatic resume delivery by the system is not accepted.:

1. Create a new company and operate a professional search engine project(hot search for cattle stocks, hot search for finance, search for books, etc.) andQuantitative investment projects (quantification of the Quanquan Golden Pool, Quanquan Quantitative Institute); ​

2. Operate and manage the new company, be responsible for the introduction of new shareholders, and establish an operating team;

3. Carry out large-scale on-site promotion and channel sales;

4. Use your personal connections to independently complete customer visits and product sales;

5. Responsible for the development of major customers, establish stable customer relations, and maintain existing customer resources;

6. Analyze the consumer psychology of major customers , Formulate effective sales strategies;

7. Conduct business negotiations, participate in the formulation of specific terms of the sales contract and sign the contract;

8. You can freely choose the location of your business to give full play to your abilities.


1. Strong communication skills and calmness Should deal with high-level negotiations and medium and large-scale promotion of on-site training;

2. Focus on efficiency, be passionate, and have a strong sense of teamwork;

3. Familiar with finance or training industry, with certain management experience;

4. With strong market development, customer communication skills, strong communication skills and team management ability.


1. Be honest and have a team spirit;

2, college degree or above, with overseas study and work experience preferred;

3, proactive and able to take on greater work pressure;

4. Personal finances are relatively loose, with stable income or a certain source of economic strength to support entrepreneurship.

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