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全局置顶 Hide top posts [Strategy Essence]Instructions for using strategies in the left sidebar: 1. The stock interface displays real-time stock quotations, the best strategy...Strategy Essence attach_img  ...23456 igiwej 2020-9-15 501317 BIGBON 2020-9-15 20:55
全局置顶 Hide top posts The essence of technology: Kevin (Dr. Lee)[cattle]jingle hot search strategy: refers to search high and low to see, Manniu like a drunk; ... attach_img  ...2345 hoei 2020-8-11 441362 chaojiwantong 2020-8-18 17:58
全局置顶 Hide top posts I registered with WeChat. What is my password and how can I change it? attach_img  ...23456 umyzew 2020-7-16 501720 ttyn727 2020-7-16 18:13
全局置顶 Hide top posts How to become a VIP member? Reward function and tips for posting rewards attach_img nvjan 2019-5-3 31323 qq0807549662 2019-5-4 20:37
全局置顶 Hide top posts Jinchi Quantitative System Development and Recruitment of Excellent Employees and Interns pAxvOHtH 2019-4-30 01195 pAxvOHtH 2019-4-30 17:47
分类置顶 Hide top posts Investment circle contact: Li Gui, Ph.D./General Manager Tel: 18521532758 Field: Quantitative Investment Company...Investment circle attach_img dzlqsq 2020-10-25 0159 dzlqsq 2020-10-25 16:17
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The technical essence of Nujinniu's diagnosis stock function is officially launched, which can really help you solve the problem of whether the stock is bought or sold. The stock is in ... attach_img

NujinBull Strategy 诊股功能正式上线,真正理智的帮你解决股票是买还是卖的问题股票在手里,到底 ...

YiHYcCgb 2020-11-9 0640 YiHYcCgb 2020-11-9 19:22
What is the technical essence of Niu Hot Search? I accidentally saw (有一个Hot Search,看... attach_img

Hot Search是做什么的?无意中看到Nujin网(有一个Hot Search,看到Bull Stock排名 ...

oxaza 2020-10-28 0664 oxaza 2020-10-28 15:53
[Technical Essence]Use PIL and imageio to deframe, compress and synthesize gif. The blogger uses PyCharm... the essence of technology attach_img

使用PIL、imageio,将gif拆帧、压缩、合成。博主使用的是PyCharm工具。1、安装imageio ...

umyzew 2020-10-13 0733 umyzew 2020-10-13 16:17
[Technical Essence]Using Matplotlib to draw dynamic graph examples Xiaohu doesn’t want to be a product programmer is not good... attach_img

使用Matplotlib画动态图实例 笑虎 不想当产品的程序员不是好的数据分析师! 2 ...

liuzengqiang_ 2020-10-13 0192 liuzengqiang_ 2020-10-13 15:38
About Nujin Technology Company attach_img

如想投资我,或加入My团队,欢迎Wechat扫一扫联系我们: [*]李博士Wechat号:gwailee ...

umyzew 2020-8-11 0332 umyzew 2020-8-11 11:42
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